Fully Armored Family Health And Fitness now offering TMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
The Science Behind TMS:
The human brain is an amazing creation.  Similar to a heartbeat, our brains operate with a brainwave rhythm and electrical frequency unique to each individual. 

When neurons in the brain are challenged or damaged they tend to drift off frequency. Neurons may react by going into "self-preservation" mode, slowing their oscillation and lowering their frequency.  This can result in depression and lack of interest or withdrawal. Conversely, neurons may become highly agitated causing symptoms such as anxiety, hyper-vigilance or OCD.

TMS uses a series of magnetic pulses to retrain damaged neurons. We follow FDA Set Protocols for depression and offer personalized treatments for each patient based on EEG readings and analysis. The treatment causes neurons to operate in sync with the brain's optimal rhythm. Daily treatments over a period of weeks bring the neurons out of their "self-preservation" state helping them perform effectively once again.  

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